Crown floating above an A, K & Q card with the words "Three Card Prime"

Three Card Prime

New Game

Three Card Prime is a poker-based game featuring a new free to the player "Ante Bonus" feature.

Wager options:

To play against the dealer's hand, make a "Play" bet. The better your hand the more you win. If you lose to the dealer with a qualifying hand you could win the Ante Bonus. Wins odds according to the posted paytable.

Your 3-card hand is played against the dealer's hand. If the dealer fails to qualify with a Queen or better, this bet is a push.

If your hand contains three cards of the same color (red or black), you win 3 to 1 odds. If all cards in both your hand and the dealer's hand are the same color you win 4 to 1 odds!

If your 3-card hand is a pair or better, you win. 

If your 6-card hand (using both the players and dealer's 3-cards) is at least Three-of-a-Kind you win.


See your table games for details.


Players Edge 21 Monster Match

Monster Match


Minimum and Maximum Permissible Wagers
Player's Edge 21 Wager | $1 to $250
Double Match Up Wager | $1 to $25
Double Match Down Wager | $1 to $25
Monster Match Progressive Wager | $1

  • Players win on all blackjacks and are paid immediately regardless of dealer's hand value and are paid 3 to 2.
  • Players win on all hands totaling 21 and are paid immediately
  • Doubling down on a three or more card soft 21 is permitted
  • Players may split cards of equal value, including Aces, up to three times, creating up to four hands.
  • Players may double down once on any total, on 2, 3, 4 or more cards INCLUDING after splitting.
  • Double Down Rescue: After doubling, players may choose to rescue (take back) the doubled portion of the bet and forfeit the original.